Horus’s Scene

The noise of the city wasn’t Anubis’s favorite sound. Cars went by, and humans lived their short existence like the uninteresting beings they were. The more he saw, the more bored he got.

Walking to the nearest park, he sat at a Cafe near the lake that reminded him of home.

“Welcome to Cafe Underworld, could I get your…” The waitress looked up at him then, pen in hand, her mouth hanging open.

“Cafe underworld?” Anubis asked with a grin. How fitting.

“Ummm, yeah. That’s the… name.” The young woman stuttered. “Can I get you… anything. Anything you want?” The human’s face turned scarlet red.

“I’ll have tea if you please.” He leaned over, and the woman almost tripped on her own feet.

He had forgotten the allure gods could have on mortals. Enjoying a little of it wouldn’t harm anyone.

“That’s hardly fair.” A woman’s voice said as the waitress hurried away.

Anubis turned around and noticed a brunette sitting a couple of tables away from him. Her eyes glued to a book she was holding with one hand while her other hand stirred what smelled like herbal tea.

“Excuse me?” He asked unsure if she had spoken to him, but seeing they were the only two beings sitting outside, she had to be.

“It’s hardly fair to use your Britishness and good looks to make poor Tiffany squirm.” Her eyes lifted from the book and her breath caught just a little; almost unnoticeable, except to the god of the underworld and saw everything.

Anubis’s black eyes had to be intense to look at, hell, her eyes were like two beacons calling him forward and she was a mere human.

“I don’t know what you mean.” He was out of practice with the human world. “What’s a Britishness?”

The woman laughed, and the sound made him lean back. Was she just human? There was something magnetic about the curious woman that would most definitely get him in trouble with his siblings.

“You are funny,” she said and went back to her book. “I’m Brittany, by the way.”

Brittany. What a lovely name to match this intriguing woman.

“It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He bowed his head and his hair fell forward. Maybe he needed a haircut if he was to blend in more.

“Britishness is showing.” She smiled at him, her eyes sparkling.

Anubis got up from his seat and walked to the woman’s table as if there was a string pulling him. He shouldn’t entertain a mortal, but what would he lose by just testing just how far he could push this gorgeous woman’s buttons.

Sitting across from her, she placed her book down and lifted her eyebrow at him. What a beautiful face, he couldn’t help but wonder what she looked like naked and on his bed.

That was a silly thought, he wasn’t supposed to mix with humans. A demigod was the last thing they needed.

“You look like you’re in pain.” Her voice brought him back to this realm.

“I’m not used to speaking with humans,” he said and frowned when her expression got more curious. “Do you often speak to strangers in this manner?” The question popped out and he realized how much he would hate it if the answer was yes.

“No.” Brittany paused and leaned forward toward him. “Only gods of the underworld who shouldn’t be messing with humans in the first place.”

That took him by surprise, and he hadn’t been surprised for nearly three thousand years.

“Who are you, Brittany? Or better yet, what are you?” Why was he hopeful at the thought of her not being human?

“I was sent to keep an eye on you, Anubis.” Her smile didn’t fade, but her eyes hardened a little.

The waitress came back with Anubis’s tea and set it in front of him without a word. He paid no attention to the human, his eyes glued on the intriguing creature in front of him.

“Poor Tiffany is going to have some very interesting fantasy tonight.“ Brittany took her cup and sipped the tea.

“Did Horus send you?” His brother was the only one that knew he was in this realm.

“No.” Her eyes went back to the book. “Lily sent me.”

Anubis narrowed his eyes, trying to see what this woman was. She wasn’t human, that was certain, but she wasn’t a Link either.

“What are you, darling Brittany?” he leaned in, his gaze would usually be enough to make creatures talk. If he wanted to use any more of his allure he would need to shift into his real form, so that was out of the question, for now.

Brittany leaned forward, her face right next to his. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Anubis bit his lip, his canines elongating just enough to show her who she was dealing with.

She licked her lower lip and bit it, not the reaction he was looking for, but his body send a rush of blood to certain areas that had been neglected for far too long.

“Careful.” He leaned closer still, her mouth so close he could almost taste her exquisite-looking lips.

“What will you do?” Her breath hit him and a growl escaped him. “Bite me?”

This creature liked playing with fire, which made him wonder what else would she like to play with.

“My bite is very stimulating. Is that what you’re after, darling?” His blood sang to him, urging him to close the distance.

“Maybe I am.”

This close to her, he could hear her heart quickening. He inhaled deeply and could smell the effects he had on her. This would be most interesting.

“Tell me what you are, and I may oblige.” His siblings would never allow him to be with a human.

“I’m an Atlantean.”

The words shocked him for a second, but he wasted no time.

He closed the distance between them and kissed her.

Brittany’s soft and full lips welcomed him as he worked his tongue in, stifling a growl that would alert the humans to his other-worldliness.

She tasted like tea and honey, a heady feeling spread through his body. The Atlantean’s energy entered him, intoxicating every inch of Anubis.

When she pulled away, her eyes shone and the tattoos on her face lit up for a second. After a couple of blinks, they were gone.

“An Atlantean . . .” He paused. “How tasty.”

He held his hand in front of her and she took it, as they got up he pulled her toward him.

Brittany’s body fitted perfectly with his. He lowered his mouth so it was next to her ear.

“What else does an Atlantean like to do for fun?” He paused and inhaled her alluring scent. “May I offer a place in my bed tonight? I promise the rumors of pleasure my brothers spread about the gods are absolutely true.” She shivered and his hand dropped to her lower back so he could pull her closer. “I can make sure all your fantasies become true, darling.”

“All of them?” Brittany breathed out.

“And then some.”

Her smirk told him the decision had been made, even before saying yes.

Holding her hand, he took his human money out and left a few bills.

“Tiffany will have a heart attack when she sees the tip you’re leaving.”

“Your heart will also have an attack when you see my . . .”

She placed her hand on his lips to stop him talking, so he bit her finger gently, her eyes darkened, and her breathing quickened. No need to send her on an orgasmic trip just yet.

His canines would do that if they pierced the skin, which he intended to do as long as she was willing.

They walked hand in hand, not paying attention to the humans as they stared. Brittany was a sight to behold, even by gods standard, she was stunning and the mischief in her eyes made the magnetism more intense.

“Are you taking me to your lair?” she asked, her tone playful.

“I can take you to any lair you want, but this one isn’t mine.” They walked into the hotel he stayed at. He had places he could go and stay, but his siblings would undoubtedly have eyes on him. No. This was more private and better suited for his perusing of this realm and it so happens to be perfect to invite the lovely Brittany to join him.

“Five stars,” she said. “Impressive.”

“Mr. Underworld! What can we send to your rooms?” the hostess asked as soon as they were through the doors.

“Send strawberries and melted chocolate.” He smirked when he saw Brittany’s little smile. “Otherwise we’re not to be disturbed.”

They left the hostess to run and fetch the request.

He had commandeered three floors of the luxurious hotel, and he planned on using each and every room.

The lift took them up to the last floor. The view of the city was breathtaking there.

“Do you like it?” he asked as she approached the window, her eyes on the horizon.

“It’s vast, but it’s not my Pearl City.” Turning around, she pinned him with hungry eyes. “But it’s not the view of this city I came to see.” She walked toward him and his blood sang in his veins.

“My darling, I thought you would never ask.”

He closed the distance in a few strides, grabbing her hips and lifting her so he could access that soft mouth she had.

Their kiss deepened as he took her against the wall. A moan escaped her as he released her mouth to nibble her neck.

The moment his teeth found a soft spot between her neck and her ear, she gasped, his canine broke the skin as he sent a wave of pleasure to take over her body.

Anubis could feel her tense every muscle in anticipation of the release he would give her.

Her hands came up to his chest. She fought his clothes off of him as her nails bit into his back.

“Gods, how are you doing that?” she asked when his canine left her neck so he could undress her.

“I’m sending my energy into you, darling.” His voice was low, and his trousers felt tight. “Once I have you on my bed, I will show you just how much pleasure you can receive.” He took her to the bedroom as he unbuttoned her shirt.

Clothes were such an inconvenience in this realm.

When he managed to get her bare his breath caught. She was even more beautiful than he had imagined. Her curves needed to be worshiped. Her eyes called him forward.

He made a quick task of taking his clothes off and was rewarded by her eyes drinking in his whole body while her hands explored and teased.

A growl escaped him as she eased him into her.

He let her set the rhythm, a deep growl escaped his throat right before he sank his canines into her skin, sending her over the edge as she moaned loudly.

Anubis found his release a few seconds after her.

Energy flowed from him to her and from her into the deep parts of him he thought were dead after so long.

She panted as she lay next to him, his eyes searched her and she smiled.

“That was impressive,” she said.

“Brittany darling, I hope you’re okay with a long stay in my rooms.” He leaned on his hand and came up for a kiss. “Because that’s only the beginning.”