The Secret Goddess

Goddess Series Book 1

Destiny brought them together. An ancient struggle between gods may tear them apart. 

When Kyra discovers her whole life is a lie, she is thrown into the middle of a war between secret societies of ancient Egyptian gods. Will she be strong enough to fight the god of chaos and deal with her magnetic attraction to a man she barely knows?

Gabriel is no ordinary man. He’s a link to the gods, and Kyra’s energy sets his on fire. Will he be able to fulfill his duty as her protector while keeping his distance? 

Can the two of them navigate secrets, vengeful gods, and impending destruction without losing themselves in the process?

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The Island of Time

Goddess Series Book 2

“Time is a concept.”

A secret society, a brewing struggle, and a whisper of a prophecy that may change everything.

Kyra finds herself on the run from a mysterious enemy that may be closer than she realizes. Being a Link is the least of her problems now.
She needs to train fast to fulfill a prophecy that will put the whole weight of the future on her shoulders. The issue is she doesn’t want her fate, even if it means giving up her feelings for Gabriel.

Gabriel’s mind is set, and Kyra is his future, but outside forces conspire against them. As darkness creeps in, he needs to keep his mind clear and focus on the Order to keep his sanity.
Duty is all he can hold on to until his destiny is chosen for him.

“You’re all very welcome to the Island of Time.”

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The Warden’s Protector

Goddess Series Story

A warden tasked with recovering a dangerous book. A protector that would go to the ends of the world for her.

When Ramilah inherited her father’s legacy, she wasn’t expecting to go on a life-altering adventure to clear his name. Nor was she planning on giving in to her feelings for her best friend.

Tarek’s protective instinct kicked in the moment Ramilah decided to go on a wild goose chase through the Scottish Highlands. Ignoring the fire that burned him every time she looked at him would be his undoing.

Snowed in and with nowhere to go, will they give in to their desire?

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The Goddess’s Amulet

Goddess Series Book 3 – Coming Out 2023