About me

Writer of fantastical stories and more.

Hi there! My name is M.J. Faraldo. Welcome to my worlds…

This website is the main lair… I mean hub for all my literary endeavors. This is the first place where you will find out about new books, offers, and, most importantly, the ONLY place where you can read snippets of unpublished books and scenes that didn’t make it into the final cut.

My journey as a writer started a long time ago, with a book about a cat doing cat things in a cat world. I’m happy to report that my storytelling has evolved a lot since then. Now I write elaborate fantasy worlds, as well as contemporary romances. Cats are sometimes part of the story but are no longer the main character.

My mind has many universes locked up inside; that’s why I write these stories down. So I can share these fascinating characters with you.

I am a writer, mom, wife, plant lover, among other things. When I am not working, parenting or homemaking, you can find me reading a good fantasy book, gardening, and occasionally watching SciFi. Any Battlestar Galactica lovers out there?